Posted: Thursday 31 July, 2014

Feisty Artists Get Visible

A photograph of David Paul Jobling sticking yellow post-it notes on fellow Armature#2 participant, Chris Dyke.

Guest Blogger: David Paul Jobling I believe a majority of people don’t think about art because it doesn’t get promoted or seen as often as it should, compared to sports, for example. I think the same is true about disability and the work of disabled artists! I wish someone would remind broadcasters and...

Posted: Tuesday 29 July, 2014

Finding the balance – artist and administrator

A black and white image of a pair of feet balanced on a white tightrope that transects the photograph.

Guest Blogger: Emma Bennison Since I started working in the arts and disability sector almost ten years ago, I’ve kept a secret. A few people knew, particularly in Brisbane, my former home town, but not many. It wasn’t that I was ashamed or embarrassed by it, (well, maybe a little bit),...

Posted: Saturday 26 July, 2014

Future Present, Adhocracy and Extraordinary Circumstances

A photograph of John Willlanski and John Swinbank talking together in John's farm garden.

Guest Blogger: Meg Wilson & John Willanski It’s not always easy being an artist. Sometimes it can feel like no matter how hard you try there just aren’t creative opportunities out there. In many cases, artists throw in the towel believing that art-making is for a few very lucky individuals...

Posted: Wednesday 25 June, 2014

Leadership and diversity – Challenging Assumptions

A photograph of Jo Verrent delivering a presentation.

Guest Blogger: Mowenna Collett In Australia there are often discussion about the lack of diversity in leadership positions across the country. There are several groups that are generally underrepresented and solutions often turn to setting targets or quotas to increase under-represented groups. One such group that would benefit from being prioritised, not to...