Posted: Tuesday 2 June, 2015

Chris Dyke and Dance North

Chris Dyke and Kyle Page smile to the camera.

Guest Blogger: Chris Dyke Chris Dyke has a history of dance performance, most recently with Restless Dance Theatre. He enjoys an ongoing mentorship with Kyle Page, Artistic Director and Dancer with Dancenorth, QLD. Chris talks about his recent week-long  development with Kyle in Townsville. I worked with my mentor Kyle Page, Artistic...

Posted: Friday 20 February, 2015

The Silent Man

A woman with white hair tied behind her head (left) and a man with short brown hair face the viewer. The woman is dressed in a black shirt with frills. She holds a manual egg beater. The man is dressed in a white shirt and is holding a hammer. They stand side by side against a white background.

Guest Blogger: Bryony Kimmings Bryony Kimmings, one of the performers in the Adelaide Fringe show Fake it till you Make it blogs about her partner’s depression, how they deal with it as a couple and how they’re speaking out about it to break down stigma. Eight years ago my partner...

Posted: Wednesday 7 January, 2015

I’m a Disabled Person

The statue entitled Breath by British artist Marc Quinn. A gray concrete statue of a woman with no arms and short legs is seated on a raised plinth. Behind her is San Giorgio cathedral, Maggiore island in the Venice lagoon during the 55th Biennale of Venic.

In the article found on Facebook last week the author discusses how she found a new way of thinking about herself and her relationship with her society through understanding the Social Model. Though the article makes heavy reference to the author's UK experiences, it is an interesting examination of the social model's...

Posted: Wednesday 15 October, 2014

SONS & mothers – more than a ‘making of’ documentary

Promotional image for Sons and Mothers the documentary.

Guest Blogger: Louise Pascale Going to the theatre is such a joy. There is something electric about actors being live, flying by the seat of their pants and a whole crew behind them pulling it all together. All the while we in the audience watch magic appear in front of...