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Our Approach

Access2Arts uses the Social Model of Disability.

The Social Model is a way of thinking about disability that is based in human rights.

It recognises that we are disabled by social and environmental factors (stares and stairs), not our individual conditions or impairments.  Under the social model of disability, it is the societal barriers that are considered to be the obstacles to a person’s equal participation.

At Access2Arts we use the term ‘disability’ in the context of the internationally recognised social model of disability, which describes disability as a social construct.

Our language

Person-first language (people with disability) and identity-first language (disabled people) are both used in Australia. People with disability often have strong preferences for one term or the other, so at Access2Arts we do our best to ask and respect the preference of the person.

When this is not possible or practical, Access2Arts will prefer identity-first terminology, as this is more broadly preferred in the disability arts community we represent.