The people at Access2Arts represent a depth of experience. We are ambitious, interested in challenges and driven by an overwhelming desire to be better. We believe that the work we do can change arts and culture.

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Arts and Disability Leadership 100%
Supporting Deaf and Disabled Artists and Audiences 100%
Creative & Accessible Projects 100%
Coffee drinking 90%
Delivering Audio Description 100%
Access Consultation 100%
Enthusiasm for doing the Robot 90%
Partnerships and Collaborations 100%


Gaelle Mellis

Creative Director

Gaelle’s leadership and vision serves Access2Arts well, and as Creative Director, she brings invaluable experience and expertise to her role.  An award winning theatre designer and collaborator for over 25 years, she has always been interested in effecting change and pushing aesthetic boundaries to tell new stories. She immerses herself in arts and disability and has earned the trust and respect of peers and colleagues. Seen as a thought leader in arts and disability, she’s a dreamer, a doer, a thinker and sees possibility everywhere.

Martin Sawtell

Business Director

Growing up Martin wanted to be an astronaut but instead fell in love with arts administration. He has now spent over 15 years working as an arts manager, arts marketer and an experienced Community Cultural Development practitioner. Martin has supports the development of artists, arts organisations and communities to build their knowledge and capacity in areas of project development, planning and budgeting. He is passionate about equality and ensuring equity and believes that disability arts provides a space for this to happen. Martin describes his leadership style as quite and the team see him as quite a leader!

Jody Holdback

Audio Description Coordinator

Jody is a long-time patron of the arts, particularly theatre, with musical theatre being an all-time favourite. Recreationally she has been involved with ballroom dancing, tap and jazz dancing but chose to follow the legal profession as a career. She has had many years advocating for people who are blind or vision impaired in various areas. Jody Joined Access2Arts in 2015 working with audio description and audiences, one of her many passions. She has now moved into Audio description coordination and also assists with business administration. Jody has a background in law/advocacy, certificate IV in Front line Management and is currently studying a Diploma in Business.

Mikki Reichstein


Mikki is going to share her biog with us soon!


Access2Arts are under the direction of a board of directors who are:

Michael Taggart


Neil Lillecrapp

Deputy Chair

Paul Francis


Kay Jamieson

Kyra Kimpton

Gaele Sobott