The people at Access2Arts represent a depth of experience.  We believe that the work we do can change arts and culture.

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Arts and Disability Leadership 100%
Supporting Deaf and Disabled Artists and Audiences 100%
Creative & Accessible Projects 100%
Coffee drinking 90%
Delivering Audio Description 100%
Access Consultation 100%
Enthusiasm for doing the Robot 90%
Partnerships and Collaborations 100%


Jody Holdback

Access Services Coordinator

Jody is a long-time patron of the arts, particularly theatre, with musical theatre being an all-time favourite. Recreationally she has been involved with ballroom dancing, tap and jazz dancing but chose to follow the legal profession as a career. She has had many years advocating for people who are blind or vision impaired in various areas. Jody Joined Access2Arts in 2015 working with audio description and audiences, one of her many passions. She has now moved into Audio description coordination and also assists with business administration. Jody has a background in law/advocacy, certificate IV in Front line Management and is currently studying a Diploma in Business.

Joel Allan

Heart Beat Club Program Producer

Joel comes to Access2Arts with a list of different experiences. He has
worked for Disney Cruise Line, Home & Away, Melbourne International FilmFestival, The Voice, Adelaide Fringe and Sundance Film Festival. Joel wonthe Best Emerging Producer Award at the 2018 Adelaide Fringe for his work on the Rajopolis at Raj House program; showcasing emerging and queer artists. He loves disco, travel, singing in the shower and eating pizza. Joel is currently studying Auslan and looks forward to bringing his wealth of skills & experience to future A2A projects.


Access2Arts are under the direction of a board of directors who are:

Jden Redden

Board Member

jden is a 2018 GreenRoom Advocate for the Adelaide Festival Centre’s GreenRoom program, promoting arts for 18-to-30-year- olds. Currently undertaking a Master of Fine Arts (Cultural Leadership) at The National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA). He holds Graduate Diploma in Management (Arts and Cultural Management) at the University of South Australia, where he takes part in the Executive Partners Program and is mentored by Adelaide Fringe CEO and Artistic Director, Heather Croall.

Jden sits on the Board of Management of the University of Adelaide Theatre Guild — one of the oldest theatre companies in Australia — as a non-executive elected director. He is also an Associate Member of the Institute for Community Directors Australia.

Jillian (Tass) Schmidt

Board Member

Tass has amassed a wealth of commercial expertise through managerial involvement across a diverse range of industries including Telecommunications, Banking, Media, Food Production and Distribution, Major Tourism & Cultural Events, China/Australia Trade, and Fundraising. She is dedicated to constantly expanding her life of learning and pushing into the challenges of both commercialisation and innovation in which she holds considerable skill and experience.

Drawing from her experience and observations across a range of environments she is inspired to contribute to the achievement of more balanced diversity ratios at leadership levels through organisations and boards.

With a commitment to excellence, a lively curiosity, and drive to get the job done, Tass is dedicated to delivering the highest possible outcomes in all dealings with clients, colleagues and business associates.

Elizabeth Williamson

Acting Chairperson

Elizabeth Williamson is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker and Mediator, with over 30 years experience in consulting, training and counselling programs with a diverse range of organisations. She has worked with EAP, legal firms, major banks, government agencies, SME and NFPs to resolve complex workplace conflicts and support positive relationships. A vibrant, informative speaker, Elizabeth motivates audiences to confidently manage difficult conversations and difficult people. Elizabeth has developed the Conflict Confidence Model to help people deal with demanding people, tough times, and to think more creatively about coping with conflict. She is Trustee of Awesome Adelaide, and an Alumni of the Governors Leadership Program.

Elizabeth writes and speaks regularly about relationship skills at work and personal life, and about thinking outside of the square. Elizabeth identifies as a disabled person with her lived-experience informing her advocacy for beautiful design and accessible appliances. She has performed in several community choirs, including Tutti Ensemble, The Big Sing and currently sings in a community gospel choir.