Posted: Sunday 14 September, 2014

I write, am i a writer or an artist?

A photograph of Matt Blackwood.

Guest Blogger: Matt Blackwood I write. For some people this makes me a writer. I also write in forms beyond the book or eBook. For others this makes me an artist. For thirty years Janos worked at a cement factory and came home with 900 a week after tax and...

Posted: Saturday 13 September, 2014

Kylie’s Pendulum Swings

Guest Blogger: Kylie Harrison Writer and poet Kylie Harrison credits supportive teachers and encouragement from her sister, Erin, for keeping her writing in the face of barriers like bullying and peoples reactions to her issues with mental health. My project to write Pendulum began many years ago. I went to...

Posted: Friday 22 August, 2014

Locating Literature – Investigating Place

A yellow post-it note is stuck to a concrete wall. The writing on the not says "This is where Julian's thumb hovered between dial and delete over the number of a long dead friend. His finger swiped the phone to sleep instead. #stickystories". In the distance a crowd of people walk across a paved courtyard, in font of a modern building.

Guest Blogger: Matt Blackwood Many people disconnect with a place when they read. They drift from their seat on the 5.15 to Gawler, beyond armpits and sixteen year old screeches, to step into hover boots, rhinestone sandals or to spread toes on tropical sands. Locative Literature is the opposite of that!...

Posted: Friday 22 August, 2014

An Artists International Development

A photograph of Matt Shilcock

Contemporary dancer, martial arts practitioner and performer Matt Shilcock welcomes international dancer and choreographer  Vangelis Legakis to Adelaide to work on Matt's dance development as part of his Australia Council funded project. Matt met Vangelis, a graduate of the Laban Center (London, UK) and holding a BA in Dance theatre and a MA in Choreography,...