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Our Work

Our purpose

To foster an inclusive arts community that develops, embraces and celebrates the unique talents, skills and perspectives of people who are d/Deaf or disabled.

Our vision

Creating a future where d/Deaf and disabled people thrive within an inclusive arts ecology.

What we do

Access2Arts supports:

  • d/Deaf and disabled people in South Australia to get involved in the arts as audiences, participants, artists, arts workers and leaders.
  • Arts and cultural organisations to become more inclusive and accessible.

We celebrate the unique perspectives, stories and aesthetics of d/Deaf and disabled artists, and the value of telling our own authentic stories through art and amplify the voices of d/Deaf and disabled people in the arts.

Why we do it

Everyone has an equal right to access arts and culture, but many d/Deaf and disabled people face barriers to that access. We want to see a future where they can thrive within an inclusive arts ecology.

How we do it

As a disability-led arts development organisation, we support d/Deaf and disabled artists and companies to make and present some of the most unique, experimental and exciting art in Australia. We do that through: developing knowledge, skills and pathways; providing services; and delivering projects that respond to community needs.

As an access expert and advocate, we support arts organisations to increase access, inclusion and representation of d/Deaf and disabled people. We do that through: modelling and encouraging disability-leadership, excellence and best practice; providing training and capacity building for individuals and organisations; disrupting and challenging assumptions; and changing minds, attitudes and actions.

Our values

  • We are inclusive
  • We are purposeful
  • We are collaborative
  • We are knowledgeable

How it started

Access2Arts has had many iterations over the years.   In 2009, following on from many years of work by the Community Arts Network SA (CANSA), a project was created within Arts SA called the Disability Arts Transition Team. This led to our establishment as an independent body to represent, advocate and respond to the needs of the arts and disability sectors.

Incorporated since 2013, Access2Arts is now recognised locally, nationally and internationally as experts in access and inclusion and as thought leaders in the field of arts and disability.


Image: Former Access & Inclusion Services Manager, Jody, with … at Feast Festival In The Dark event, 2019.