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Audio Description

Access2Arts is a provider of high-quality Audio Description services for theatre, live events, exhibitions and video.

What is Audio Description?

Audio description is commentary for people who are blind or low vision. Audio Describers deliver verbal commentary providing information on actions and visual elements.

For live events, audio description is delivered live in dialogue pauses and scene changes via a wireless transmission system.

For videos and films, description is scripted and recorded, then edited into the soundtrack alongside dialogue, music and visual effects.

Audio Description also includes tactile tours of theatre sets and exhibitions where describers lead patrons in meeting performers and artists and discovering key set elements, props, costumes and tactile analogues to enhance the description experience.

International Audio Description Symbol International Audio Description Symbol


Benefits of Audio Description?


Audio Description opens up your work to a whole new audience of art-lovers. As well as blind and low vision audiences, the description can also be useful for people with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Description breaks down barriers to the theatre, video and arts experiences, opening up new markets and audiences for your work.

Information about audio describer training can be found on our training page.

Please contact our Audio Description team to discuss your requirements or for more information

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If you are interested in training to become an Audio Describer please follow the link below for more information.

Audio Description Training

Our students benefited greatly from being able to watch and listen to the audio description. It gave them full access to the performance.

Man Covets BirdWritten by: Finegan KruckemeyerPresented by: SlingsbyOriginal Performer: Nathan O’KeefeOriginal Musicians: Quincy Grant, Steve Lennox, Gareth ChinSupported by: Arts South AustraliaAudio Description by: Emma Bedford
Post-production sound engineer: Max Braiding


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