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Make **it Happen Producer Podcasts

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We are thrilled to introduce you to one of our latest projects, the ‘Making **it Happen’ Producer Podcasts, where we interviewed some fantastic South Australian disability arts producers about their experiences to gain a better understanding of what the industry currently looks like.

With this project, we aimed to have an in-depth look at the role of the Producer in the South Australian Deaf and disability arts sector. The aim was to connect with Deaf and disabled artists and arts workers to identify the current work being done and who is doing it.

We also wanted to discover what gaps currently exist in the sector, and what, from a professional producer’s experience, is required to support development of existing and emerging Deaf and disabled producers.

So, the legendary disabled South Australian music producer, Tyson Hopprich, a.k.a DJ TR!P, set about interviewing some of SA’s best producers in the South Australian disability arts scene!

Producers included in the project are:

My favourite definition [of producing] is ‘to create by physical or mental effort’ as I reckon it takes both to serve as producer to a piece – or a programme.

-Jo Verrent, Senior Producer for Unlimited (UK)

As Deaf and disabled artists and disability arts practice excitingly continues to grow in profile in the broader arts sector, so too does the importance of the role of the producer! The producer is there to support the realisation and creation of high-quality artistic outcomes by these Deaf and disabled artists. Therefore, it is important for us to understand what work needs to be done to support Deaf and disabled producers to grow, which will, in turn, help disabled arts in the community to continue its growth.

Check out the first episode on our Spotify Channel here…

You can also listen to the podcasts on these platforms:

Why are Deaf and disabled producers so important?

Even though the barriers or access requirements of no two Deaf and disabled people are the same, the experience of disabling barriers is common to all Deaf and disabled people. It is from this shared experience of exclusionary barriers that an understanding of the necessity to address barriers emerges. It is the ‘shorthand’ that Deaf and disabled people are familiar with.

A Deaf or disabled producer more ideally understands the necessity of addressing the disabling barriers that impact the work of Deaf and disabled artists. A Deaf or disabled producer doesn’t need to know ‘why’, just that the requirements need to be supported for the best creative outcomes to be achieved by the artist.

We hope these that our ‘Make **it Happen’ Producer Podcasts help you to understand more about the current space of disability arts in the South Australian arts scene, and that it provides you an insight into what we need to do moving forward.


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