‘One of the more well-known slogans of the disability rights movement is “Nothing About Us Without Us” … there are very few of ‘US’ in the Australian media, literature and writing sector.Gaele Sobott

Writing Me is a professional development program for South Australian Disabled writers, with the aim of raising their profile, building a community and developing their skills.

Five writers from Writing Me standing and smiling at the camera. One has a post over her face that says love as the bigger picture.

Since November 2017, five writers have been working with Gaele Sobott, focusing on creating new work that reflects disabled writers’ embodiment of the world.

Pony, Alison, Jean, Julian and Josh have participated in a series of face-to-face workshops, Skype sessions and online forums to enhance their skills, develop new works and create their own community of practice in South Australia.

Four writers from writing me smiling at the camera. Left to right, Pony, Gaele, Alison and Josh.

Throughout this project, the writers have developed a series of unique and provocative poems, stories and images that cover the themes; love, writing and me.

Meet the writers.

Jean Winter

Artist Statement   Practising art and creative writing are necessary tools for maintaining good health. My creative work has distracted...

A thin woman with long blue hair.

Alison Bennett

Artist Statement   … “Having lived my entire life with significant impairments, the challenges faced with being ‘othered' in society...

A headshot of a young man with olive skin and jet black hair.

Josh Campton

  Artist Statement   I’m Joshua Campton, a Larrakia, saltwater- crocodile man from Darwin. I'm an artist; dancer and poet....

Pony Horseman

Artist Statement   Writing alongside other artists with similar experiences, is a seemingly simple concept, but there is so much...

A close up of a man slightly bald with a goatee

Julian Jaensch

Artist Statement   I've really enjoyed The Writing Me program. It's been great to experience different ways of writing and...