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6 March 2018

I thought that love is being known 


Love is spiritual
It crosses all boundaries
Overcomes the physical
Demands of life
Dreaming of love
In a barren wasteland
Is what keeps me going
A unifying bold force
Intent on saving souls
Not destroying
Love is a conscious arbitrator
There is a line, which cannot be crossed
What is right or wrong …

– Jean Winter

Five people standing smiling at the camera. The person in the centre has a post it note over her face that says love as the bigger picture.

A revolutionary type of love. What would that look like?

Love is about friendship

Love is my community
Love is culture
Love is love
Love is aboriginality
Love is my drug
Love is nation
Love is blind
Love is tomorrow
Love is ToGetHer
Love is my world
Love is boundaries

– Joshua Campton

Handwritten note that says It's made me wonder if love is real.

Particles Floating

Particles floating
Around my head;
A veil of dust
Was that my soul?
Was that my voice?
Escaping my body
To a place where
I would be loved?
Respected? Valued?
Where my desires
Would be considered?

Not for me,
Your motions.
Not for me,
Your sounds,
Not for me.

From the ceiling
I watched.
You unwrapped me,
Your eyes measuring
My worth.

– Pony Horseman

A handwritten poem. Your lips are so tender, my mind is telling me that I can see you soon. I'm dreaming about you. Your touch soft as velvet. My heart melts like treacle. You are the sweetest indulgence. I have been watching you, patiently. Like a snake in the grass. Trying not to twist and coilt at, your gorgeousness. Taste the sweet apple of my desire. I love you, you transport me. Like a plane, a train, we're going places.

– Group love poem – Gross, way 2 gross