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6 March 2018

My Favourite Food

Eating Sweet and Sour Pork – on the fork until I’m full to the brim Spaghetti Bolognese – in a craze, I was lost in a maze for seven days
Chalam Masala – I like to go to Guatemala for a swim
Chicken Curry – in a hurry, that’s something funny
Seafood Paella – raining on my umbrella
Beef stir fry – that’s fried to cry
Eton Mess – not as healthy for whipped cream
Fruit Salad – I’m in a dream but it’s breezy
Big Breakfast –it’s my favourite thing
Crocodile meat – that I don’t eat.

-Josh Campton

Julian Jaensch gesturing to a poster on the wall with his writing on it.


A synapsis flow,
A chemical neuron transmits
Slow it goes,
Thickens like blood in the arterial brain
Tracks on line, a slippery train,
A dysfunctional mind.

Who am I ? …

-Jean Winter

distilling jars of yesterday on the shelves of her tomorrows she is breaking eye contact with broken dreams. floral peroxide

A poster of a hand drawn map about Writing Me participant Josh

A Bright Red Scream

A bright red scream,
To undo the paths,
That were taken
Where the real me
Was denied, forgotten.
Eyes painted shut
Like a window,
So the red dust,
From bricks being crushed
Cannot dissolve into the air,
A signal for others to see,

A bright red scream,
To re-open me,
To let out arms,
To search for what was taken,
To feel for the shape of it,
In the low light,
Pools of water on the pavement,
Sediments at the bottom,
What is left of me,
Traces, unidentifiable, traces.

-Pony Horseman

That’s What She Said – Work in Progress

A bar, two friends sit at a small table with music playing a mild volume. They have beers in front of them and they are eating slices of prosciutto on single slices of bread.

Daniel: This is so good!

Xavier: Is it prosciutto?

Daniel: Yeah it is

Xavier: ……One day we’ll be sitting in Tuscany eating this

Daniel: Aah well is Tuscany in Spain?

Xavier: No, it’s in Italy

Daniel: Well this is from Spain

Xavier: Is it prosciutto?

Daniel: I don’t know but it’s from Spain

Xavier: Really?

Daniel: Yeah!

Xavier: Ok

Beat Beat

Daniel: But it’s great though it’s cured ham

Xavier: Well that’s prosciutto, but are you sure it’s not Italian, prosciutto’s an Italian word

Beat Beat

Daniel: Well I don’t know about that but we had it all the time in Spain

Xavier: Ok well one day will be sitting in Tuscany eating Spanish ham.

Daniel: Ha ha

Daniel looks around the room

Daniel: Man there are so many chicks here!

Xavier: Yeah not that it matters

Daniel: What do you mean?

Xavier: Well there’s nothing we can do about it

Daniel: That’s not true, you’ve just got to have confidence

Xavier: I think that just pisses chicks off.

Daniel: Not if they want it

Xavier: And how often is that the case?

Daniel: Occasionally, but most of the time they don’t know they want it until you show it to them.

Xavier: Yeah, I think that was Harvey Weinstein’s philosophy as well.

Daniel: What, well no you’re not flashing ‘em, you’re showing them charisma

Xavier: Yeah but I think that’s the same thing, thinking they want something when they don’t and putting on this bullshit façade that you thinks going to impress them.

Daniel: Well it does

Xavier: When!

Daniel: You’ve just got to take it slowly, we really do need to build some confidence up in you

Xavier: Yeah but confidence isn’t real, neither is charisma, they’re these things you put on and as soon as you walk up to a girl in a bar they know exactly what you’re doing! And it’s like you’re treating them like they’re idiots, because you think if show them that you want it they’re suddenly going to rip their clothes off and jump on your cock! When they’re probably just trying to have a drink like you.

All of this time they have been drinking their beers


Julian Jaensch

distilling jars of yesterday on the shelves of her tomorrows she is breaking eye contact with broken dreams floral peroxide