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8 March 2018

I loved working with writers who have similar ideas and thoughts, but also diverse imaginations.

More Than

They don’t define you
They define themselves
They don’t know who you are
The choices they make have nothing to do with you.
You are . . .
Enough, remember, you went through a whole list that time, all those times
Good, whatever that means
Complex, you are more than a singular
Vast, you span further than your physical body, in the minds of
others, in spaces, in homes.
You claimed your space like it was not yours to take
Stolen goods, body reflecting guilt
Every day a shoplifted perfume from a store you could not afford
It’s time to claim your space now like you mean it.
You believe in yourself
and fight for your disability benefits
You explore, expand your mind and your heart
You’re happy with your friends and family
Fighting, relentless hate, judgment and blame
Cycles of shame and repentance
Who are you? You are courage. You are resilience.
You are mystery.

writers writing me . . . thank

from Access2Arts on Vimeo.

A toy dog, a toy xylophone with human fingertips holding toy mallet

Text on wrapper. This chocolate bar need you. Without you it may never know what it's like to be loved, desired, to melt in an embrace and be consumed by passion.

The Writing Me workshops have helped with my emotional state, my sense of connection to others, my creative wellbeing, and there was lots of laughter!! <3


facebook post. Sooo...two days ago, I joked there may be the possibility of robot dancing in our workshops. Today, I am please to say that was delivered in the staff storeroom. Thanks for over exceeding all expectationAccess2Arts. First image, Access2Arts staff skills 'enthusiasm for doing the robot. 2nd image 2 robots.


Botho is one of my favourite words