Posted: Wednesday 4 June, 2014

I am a Dancer

A black and white image of Michelle Ryan during her performance of 'Falling'

Guest blogger: Michelle Ryan When asked recently to perform a short solo performance as part of the Expressions Dance Company’s Solo season, I immediately said 'yes'. Then I wondered how people would react to a woman, who requires assistance to walk and uses a wheelchair, dancing alongside some of the...

Posted: Wednesday 4 June, 2014

Small and Persistent – The Mosquito Effect

During the decibel Performing Arts Showcase held in Manchester, UK 13-16 September Australian-born and Glasgow-based performance artist Caroline Bowdich asked 'What are the similarities between a mosquito and a Dance Agent for Change?' Access2Arts felt her presentation celebrated the small and persistent agitator. Hear Caroline's buzz surrounding a unique project that...

Posted: Tuesday 27 May, 2014

Difference – delicious not divergent!

A photograph of Jo Verrent.

UK artist, consultant and producer Jo Verrent believes that ‘different is delicious not divergent'. Believing difference adds adds vibrancy and texture within the creative sector, Jo is touring Australia presenting a series of forums for the Australia Council for the Arts discussing the development of diversity and access and it's contribution...

Posted: Thursday 8 May, 2014

Art and Angels

Three men lie on a concrete floor with their right arms raised. A chalkboard crosses the background covered in smudged comments. A small, grey statue of an Angel stands against the chalkboard.

Guest Blogger: JD Allen Over the course of seventy minutes, I watched carefully as a series of disparate emotions played over her face. Anticipation, intrigue, sublime fascination, bemusement, awkward discomfort, alarm, then panic, sudden laughter, amused disapproval, shock, disenchantment, re-engagement, more laughter, then concentration and reverent attention. On several occasions...