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ArmatureLIVE – What is Live Art?


13 August 2014

Access2Arts is seeking expressions of interest from emerging and established Deaf and disabled artists to be a part of ArmatureLIVE. Participants will undertake a series of workshops, then under the guidance of a Live Art mentor participate in a self-driven collaborative Live Art project with a public outcome. 

That sound great, but it beggers the question – What is Live Art?

“Live Art combines a lot of different art practices and all kinds of artists”, explains Access2Arts Creative, Gaelle Mellis. It is experimental, embracing risk, challenge and failure.”

Live Art is largely influenced by contemporary Performance Art and many visual artists have started to use their own bodies in their work to make more performance style work, breaking with traditional ways of making art. Many performers and theatre makers have also started to use Live Art as a way of making art and theatre, which challenges the usual boundaries and rules of performance. This includes making work which is out in public and which engages with people in the street as the audience.

Using live art, artists working in all manner of artistic disciplines, create;

  • new artistic models,
  • new languages for the representation of ideas and identities, and
  • new strategies for activating audiences and intervening in public life.

Live Art is one of the most innovative areas of creative practice today” said Meg Wilson, Artist and coordinator of Access2Arts’ ArmatureLIVE project. “Through ArmatureLIVE Deaf and disabled interdisciplinary artists will develop an understanding of live art, then working with an experienced live art practitioner be mentored in the development of their own live art project with a public outcome.

Six leaders in the Live Art movement Alison Currie, Josephine Were, Steve Mayhew, Ray Harris, Sasha Grbich and Heidi Angove will be involved in the project as workshop facilitators and mentors.

This is going to be such an exiting project and the potential outcomes for Deaf and disabled artists in South Australia”, said Gaelle. “Through ArmatureLIVE we will bring artists, who may work with art forms like performance and dance, painting, photography, sound (for example) to work together with other artists who use different art forms. This interdisciplinary process will create new and exciting experiences  for everyone. It will create new ways of thinking about art and ideas.

Access2Arts is now seeking expressions of interest from emerging and established Deaf and disabled interdisciplinary artists to be a part of ArmatureLIVE. To be considered for inclusion in the ArmatureLIVE program you must submit an expression of interest application form. Expressions of interest are DUE on Friday 5th September so start your application now! 

To find out more about ArmatureLIVE, follow this LINK to the Access2Arts website.

Image: Shotgun, Josephine Were, 2014, live art performance at The Mill, Adelaide.
Photo credit: