Posted: Monday 10 February, 2014

Dissociated Daze

Emergin Film Maker Sharon Bulmer

Guest blogger: Sharon Bulmer Film maker Sharon Bulmer gives an update on her recent activity as part of a mentorship funded by Arts SA's Richard Lewellyn Arts and Disability program. For many years now I have been an avid photographer and amateur film maker. I am self taught and am...

Posted: Thursday 6 February, 2014

What’s so great about Twitter anyway?

A woman sits with her back to us texting on her mobile phone. On her lap is an open notebook.

Guest Blogger: Katie Keys I get a lot of raised eyebrows when I tell people that I’m a Twitter poet. It would seem that Twitter doesn’t have the best reputation. People think it’s full of ‘twits’ describing their every move or meal, and I can’t deny there’s a bit of that...

Posted: Thursday 23 January, 2014

Dot to Dot

Felicity Doolette is a dancer and performer with Restless Dance Theatre. She is a striking young woman with dark brown very curly hair that falls to her shoulders. She is pictured against a black background and wears a high necked black blouse. She has a charming broad smile.

Guest blogger: Felicity Doolette The Dot to Dot program provides participants with a strong foundation in understanding the arts sector, particularly in the area of disability, and how to work within it. The diverse nature of the program allowed me to broaden my understanding of a community and sector I...

Posted: Wednesday 15 January, 2014

A poem a day

Guest blogger Katie Keys.

Guest blogger: Katie Keys I love words. I love reading them, writing them, playing around to see what they can do. I love the jigsaw puzzle of trying to get all the right words in just the right order. I love scribbling them in notebooks and sending them out online....