Posted: Monday 14 October, 2013

Accessible Dreams

Audio describer Lara Torr.

I’m an audio describer, which means I often have to explain to people just what it is that I do. A really common question is “so, how long have you known sign language?”, in response to which, I’m compelled to explain that audio description is almost the opposite of signing....

Posted: Friday 31 August, 2012

Leading the way in Audio Described Theatre

A scene from 'The Ham Funeral':A woman sits at a table with her arms wrapped around a cloth covered bundle

South Australia is leading the country in making the arts more accessible to blind and visual impaired audiences through relatively new and ever-growing professional live audio description. The 2012 Adelaide Festival, for instance, included live audio described theatre productions such as the State Theatre Company’s Ham Funeral, The Caretaker and...