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SASVI student’s review of 13-storey treehouse


15 October 2014

In July students from South Australian School for Vision Impaired attended a performance of The 13-storey Treehouse, an adaptation of Andy Griffiths’ and Terry Denton’s best-selling book that tells the story of two boys and their adventures in their 13-storey treehouse.

The boys, their friends and their amazing treehouse, including a bowling alley, secret underground laboratory, self-making beds and a marshmallow machine, were all seeing in the production. For the SASVI students Audio Describers from Access2Arts were on hand to expertly describe all the production’s visual components.

The on-stage action, costumes, set and props were described so well, upon returning to their classrooms the students were able to draw their favourite scenes. Access2Arts decided to share some of the drawings and through them show just what audio description can bring to enhance the theatre experience of people with vision impairment.

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