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The Audreys and Restless Dance Theatre


30 April 2014

One day in September 2013 four dancers from Restless Dance Theater stepped into new roles as stars of the latest video clip for Adelaide folk-rock band The Audreys.

Performers Josh Campton, Lorcan Hopper, Michael Hodyl, Chris Dyke joined The Audreys Taasha Coates and Tristan Goodall to appear in the filming of the video clip for the song Baby, Are You There.

It was great to work with the Audreys.

As a dancer, me and my friends had lots of fun and I loved being involved and also seeing how a music video clip is made. I would love to do something like this again.

said Josh Campton, one of the dancers.


Filming was held in Restless’ Sturt Street Studio over a weekend in late September 2013. Befor the weekend filming, Michelle Ryan, Restless Dance Theatre’s Artistic Director worked with the performers on the choreography, developing individual signature moves, working with hats, flirting and having fun dancing. Michelle also worked on the choreography through the filming day.

For dancer Chris Dyke being in the clip was his dream dance job, loving every minute of filming with The Audreys.

The filming was supported by a Quick Response grant from the Richard Llewellyn Arts and Disability grant program which enabled the dancers to receive payment for participating in the filming.

For The Audreys Taasha Coates, “It was an absolute joy working with the talented folks from Restless Dance Theatre. We are so pleased they agreed to the collaboration. The dancers’ passionate, honest and cheeky approach to music and movement was a delight, and hopefully for viewers it will be a much welcomed antidote to the slick, over-sexualised dance videos that seem to have become the norm.”

Restless performer Lorcan Hopper summed up the experience saying, “It was different from anything I’ve done before! I really liked the experience. I enjoyed saying the words “Baby are you there?” to the camera. I liked running and sliding with the boys to the camera. I can’t wait to see the music video and I’d love to make another one.”

Baby, Are You There is being released as the second single off  The Audreys’ fourth studio album, ‘Til My Tears Roll Away released on 14 March 2014