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Josh Campton


Artist Statement


I’m Joshua Campton, a Larrakia, saltwater- crocodile man from Darwin. I’m an artist; dancer and poet. I like to make my poems come alive in my dance.

I create art from my passions. My first work was called, ‘What Bird is That?’ I love birds. I’ve always studied what birds look like, how they sound and how they move. I wanted to create a work to express that.

I like to make my audience feel the sounds, the beats and poetry in my art. I get joy and happiness from sharing my art. My dream is to make a dance film, it will be a challenge but will give me the opportunity to get more experience.




Josh Campton is a Larrakia (N.T), Wadaman /Karajarri (W.A) man and he also has connections to Western Victoria. He has ancestors who came to Australia in the 1800’s from Ireland, China, Germany, Japan, England, the Philippines and Scotland.

Josh is a dancer, poet and actor. He also makes films, creates music, choreographs work, and paints.

He performs with Kurruru Performing Arts, No Strings Attached and studies film and new media and performing arts at Tutti Arts.

He has performed in Darwin, Adelaide, Sydney, Perth and Melbourne, and
appears in a number of films including ‘Lost in Confusionʼ (2011/12), ‘Mauriceʼs Symphonyʼ (2015/16) and ‘Jeremy the Dudʼ (2017).

Josh was awarded an Australia Council Jump Mentoreeship in 2012.

Josh was a writer for ‘The Performance Encyclopaediaʼ at the Australian
Theatre Forum in 2017.

His own film, ‘The Landscape Diariesʼ featuring his poetry and dance will be released shortly.


A picture of a handwritten poem called my favourite food

Josh’s poem from a Writing me workshop


A poster of a hand drawn map about Writing Me participant Josh

Josh’s Me Map from a Writing Me workshop