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Audio Described Shows at Adelaide Fringe & Adelaide Festival 2024

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15 February 2024

Audio Description at Adelaide Fringe

At this year’s Adelaide Fringe, you can discover comedic performances by disabled South Australian creatives, a deep dive into the history of nostalgic fabrics, a comedic adult take on Disney classics, and an enchanting journey to escape time.

Check out what’s audio described at Adelaide Fringe below:

Chronically Ill-Prepared

Step into the world of being Chronically Ill-Prepared. A talented troupe of emerging SA performers bring their lived experience of disability and chronic illness to the stage in an improvised theatre/comedy production. As an improvised show, the content is unscripted and the performances are created on the spot, using suggestions from the audience.

Book tickets to Chronically-Ill Prepared here.

An Attempt to Lose Time

Would it be possible to live without time? An Attempt to Lose Time is a playful, surreal and surprising meditation on time blending the personal and the collective, a questioning of the status quo and an invitation to see time differently.

Book tickets to An Attempt to Lose Time here.

If fabrics could speak…

If fabrics could speak what stories would they tell? In this inclusive, audio-described exhibition of paintings, photographs and digital stories, explore the memories bound within the weft and warp of the fabrics we treasure.

Book tickets to If fabrics could speak… here.

Snooze VR – A Chronic Fatigue Cabaret

This life-affirming comedy takes us through the experience of getting sick, steadfastly ignoring that fact, cycling through an endless flip-show of doctors for answers, and dealing with the grief and acceptance of a chronic illness diagnosis. Our comfy VR cinema immerses you into the baffling world of invisible illness and showcases all those moments when you say you “just got to laugh.”

Book tickets to Snooze VR – A Chronic Fatigue Cabaret here.

Artificial Ignorance

Three emerging SA artists have created a hilarious theatre production, delving into tech’s quirks, misconceptions, and absurdities. But, let’s not rely solely on our word; listen to the critics, like Piers’ mom who couldn’t contain her laughter, exclaiming, “I don’t know how they do it week in, week out.”

Book tickets to Artificial Ignorance here.

Adelaide Fringe: Snooze VR – A Chronic Fatigue Cabaret

Art that walks OFF the walls

An immersive art experience, installation and exhibition exploring 3 collaborating local emerging and established artists journey of seeking to belong. Wild acrylic florals talk and walk onto community walls, detailed autobiographical illustrations run barefoot alongside video streams of performance art that leaps from the screens.

Book tickets to Art that walks OFF the walls here.


A lot of things don’t seem to be working. Climate, housing, democracy, education, the list goes on. But things can change. Systems transform and a state of being broken is not inevitable, unavoidable or permanent. There is a range of possible futures before us. Explore these in BROKEN, an interactive exhibition at MOD.

Book tickets to BROKEN here.


AKLOWA DRUMMING AND DANCING GROUP GHANA is a sub performing Art of the Tombotch showbiz. Which also have the Indigenous rhythms and dance, Indigenous African acrobat and the Indigenous circus show. The band was formed by Thomas Nii lantey Botchway (Tombotch). The band does fusion from the real traditional African rhythms and fuses it with other generes like funk, salsa, afro beat, highlife, jazz, swing, etc.


the Boy & the Ball

In a world of cylinders, of all shapes and sizes, we meet a very shy boy and witness how, with the assistance of his ball, he makes a friend and how that single friend becomes many. Navigating the world of friendship is a “rite of passage” experience for most 4 year old’s. This nonverbal performance is a wondrous tale of reassurance, joy and connection… with a little magic.

Book tickets to the Boy & the Ball here.

Le Freak!

‘Le Freak’ is sideshow as you’ve never seen before – told from the inside!

After centuries of exploitation circus artists are pushing back – world-class queer, disabled, and sex worker performers sharpen their swords and their stilettos to take down capitalism. This silly and profound show that celebrates difference and empowers the ‘freaks’ will have you sitting on the edge of your seat between discomfort and excitement!

Book tickets to Le Freak! here.

Great news – Companion Cards tickets are available for all events in the 2024 Adelaide Fringe season! There is an initial verification process to access these Companion Card tickets, which you can complete here. Please note that you will need to have a free MyFringe account for verification. If you don’t have a MyFringe account, you can create one here.

Audio Description at Adelaide Festival

At this year’s Adelaide Festival, you can discover the spectacle of contemporary experimental dance with extravagant props, the fresh and vulnerable journey of a young man confronting a haunting past, and dance that explores Australia’s historical inheritance with the smoky forms of our national conscience.

Check out what’s audio described at Adelaide Festival below:

Time Machine

Time Machine is an exhilarating work of physics and force, dance and Extreme Action that will entertain audiences of all ages.

Extreme Action, a new art form invented by award-winning performer Elizabeth Streb, takes choreography beyond dance to defy gravity and pushes the human body to its limits. Using prototypic ‘Action Machines’ that move with and against them, her dancers become ‘Action Heroes’ who thrill, scare and delight their audiences.

Book tickets to Time Machine here.


A choreographic course correction for a nation in need of a new direction.

Created by Australian Dance Theatre’s Artistic Director Daniel Riley, Marrow is an explosive new dance work that asks us to embrace the smoky forms of our national conscience and acknowledge the push of our present moment as we imagine a new future.

Book tickets to Marrow here.

Adelaide Festival: Marrow


Mark has always wanted to be a writer. His mum’s a writer too, and together they’d spend hours reading and writing in their garden. When Mark moves out of his childhood home and into his first share flat, he and his mum stay connected by exchanging letters. When Mark one day receives a letter with the news too painful to bear, he seeks solace in the sea – the source of his fondest yet most agonising memories.

Book tickets to Blue here.

Happy festival season!