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Adelaide Fringe: BROKEN

Presented by

MOD. at Uni SA

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  • 16 Feb - 16 Mar 2024, MOD.
    • Wheelchair Accessibility
    • Audio Description
    • Relaxed Performance


Open 10am until 5pm


$0 - Free

Event description

A lot of things don’t seem to be working. Climate, housing, democracy, education, the list goes on. But things can change. Systems transform and a state of being broken is not inevitable, unavoidable or permanent. There is a range of possible futures before us. Explore these in BROKEN, an interactive exhibition at MOD.

Get a feel for what it’s like to think in long timeframes (we’re talking 60,000 years in the future), and see what happens if trees had a vote.

Drop in and be allocated a home that suits your needs, and consider putting nature first.

In these alternate future worlds, you might find some that better support human flourishing. You might even think of new ones.

So while things seem BROKEN, no one says they have to stay that way.


  • Wheelchair Accessibility
  • Audio Description
  • Relaxed Performance

Relaxed Performance on Thursday 14th March at 5pm.
Audio Description available for all sessions via QR code in the exhibition.
Audience members have the opportunity to interact or join in.

View Accessibility page/guide

BROKEN Audio Description and Transcripts


Access and Inclusion MOD.