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Lyn Treloar

A photo of a woman sitting casually on a low stool on green grass. She has shoulder-length brown hair and is wearing a green top, blue jeans and black boots.

About the artist

Lyn Treloar lives in Adelaide South Australia. Her education includes illustration, visual marketing and an advanced diploma in graphic design. She is currently completing her second year in a diploma of visual arts.

She has worked as a graphic artist, web designer and stylist with her primary focus on the visual arts.

As a multi-media artist Treloar’s work embraces both complexity and simplicity, drawing from diverse styles, methods, mixed mediums and narratives embracing a broad aesthetic encompassing both 2 and 3D art.

Fundamental to Treloar’s approach is texture, layering and an earthy colour pallet to express depth, mood and tone, often juxtaposing simple lines in contrast. She paints multiple abstractions superimposing imagery to diversify hues, impressions and mark making. There is a gentle unpretentious whimsy in her figurative work that reflects a serene milieu. She aims to capture the essence of each piece. She achieves this by intertwining methodologies and fusing mixed-media with digital technologies and merging systems into a convergent meeting point.

Recurrent artworks include figure drawing, still life, portraiture, botanical illustrations, abstractions, 3D dada work and surface pattern designs. Treloar’s paintings reflect objects of interest and life around her, she uses a variety of traditional and non-traditional materials, including acrylic paint, oil and chalk pastels, ink, charcoal and fabric.

You can discover more of Lyn’s artworks through her Instagram profile