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Margin To Centre: Visionary Art – Featurette


19 November 2012

Margin To Centre: Visionary Art was an exhibition of work by artists who are self-taught and developed their practices outside of mainstream art schools and galleries. Many of the artists have been marginalisation from society because of eccentricity, poverty or illness, or through institutionalisation in prisons and psychiatric hosptials.

Although grouped together as ‘Outsider Art’ the work is idiosyncratic reflecting, not a style or a movement, but a range of very disparate visions. In this exhibition the curators Paul Hoban, Studio Head, Painting, AAD, UniSA, and Prof Colin Rhodes, Head, SCA, Sydney University, have repositioned this intense and exuberant body of work by artists at the fringes of the art world back into the centre.

Adelaide film maker Mike Retter was commissioned to create a short film work to capture the exhibition.

Check it out on YouTube: