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YUMMY Discussions: Disability Pride

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Adelaide Contemporary Experimental

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1 hour and 30 minutes ends at 7pm


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About YUMMY Discussions

YUMMY is a two part discussion series accompanying Yucky, a group exhibition led by Sam Petersen that explores the personal and political complexities that exist as part of disabled experience.

The exhibition and accompanying programs reclaims the visceral world of ‘yuck’, encouraging audiences to question ableist biases and assumptions made towards disability and ‘yuckiness’.

Taking pride in what is deemed yucky whilst embracing what it is to be human outside of able-bodied value systems, YUMMY discussions take prompts from Yucky and The Yucky Reading Room delving deeper into yuckiness - and its inverse, yumminess - with invited thinkers.

About YUMMY Discussions: Disability Pride

Join Yucky public program curators William Maggs and Hen Vaughan in conversation with Sam Wilson for a discussion on the importance of self-determination, disability culture, and the concept of Deaf Gain.

This discussion will focus on the richness of disability culture and self-determination, particularly focusing on the unique qualities of the Deaf community. The conversation will also highlight the impact the medical model of disability has on the understanding and treatment of disabilities.

Sam Wilson, a proud Mutti Mutti/Wemba Wemba Deaf woman, will draw on her personal and professional experiences to unpack the concept of Deaf Gain—the strengths, gains and positive impacts of being deaf—Deaf cultural identity, and the significance of sign language.

This event will be Auslan and English interpreted and live streamed online.

Resource spotlight:
Deaf Power

This discussion will refer to resources from the Yucky Reading Room. Prior reading is not necessary for attending as excerpts will be read at this event.

The Yucky Public Program Curators are supported by the Government of South Australia through the Richard Llewellyn Deaf and Disability Arts program.

This project is presented and supported by Adelaide Festival.

The Yucky Reading Room is supported by the City of Adelaide.


  • Wheelchair Accessibility
  • Sign Language Interpretation

This event will be Auslan and English interpreted and live streamed online.

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