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Sydney Dance Company: momenta

Presented by

Arts and Culture Trust

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1 hour


$33 to $74

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Discounts available for groups of 6 or more. Companion Cards are accepted at all Arts and Culture Trust venues.

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State Theatre Centre of WA

Event description

Presented by Arts and Culture Trust

momenta is a journey into the poetry and physics of human connection by celebrated choreographer Rafael Bonachela.

This mesmerising piece presents a kaleidoscope of energies, capturing the essence of fleeting moments suspended between past and future, where individual trajectories collide and intertwine.


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Disability access / access for patrons with mobility problems

Lifts service the Main Foyer up to Heath Ledger Theatre foyer level 2. There is a separate lift that can then take patrons up to upper stalls and circle with mobility restrictions as per the below guidelines.

Patrons who experience difficulties with stairs should purchase tickets in the below areas:

No Stairs – Stalls Row E, Stalls Row O and Circle Row G. These rows include the designated wheelchair seats. All other rows require a step up or down. If patrons have severe mobility restrictions but are not using a wheelchair, they should contact the venue on (08) 6212 9292 to request appropriate seating. Alternatively, please purchase seats in Row E or O in Stalls, or Row G in circle.

Minimal Stairs (2 to 4 stairs up/down) – Stalls Rows C to G, N and M. Circle Row F.

Wheelchair seats

Standard Wheelchairs – Stalls E1, E28, O13 and Circle GG1 and GG29

Large Electric and Scooter Wheelchairs - Stalls O13 and Circle GG1 and GG29

Carer Seats - Stalls, E2, E27, O12 and Circle G1 and G29

Full Layback Wheelchairs - Please contact the venue on (08) 6212 9292 for the best seating position.

Your ticket will note a Door for entry into the auditorium. These assigned doors are a guide only to improve general patron access to the theatre space, however, if you have mobility problems please approach a State Theatre Centre staff member upon arrival at the venue for directions on the best access route to your seat.

The Venue has two wheelchairs available on site which can be requested for use by patrons for access around the venue if necessary. Please contact the venue directly if you would like a staff member to meet you at the entrance with a wheelchair on the night of your attendance. This can be booked by calling (08) 6212 9200.

Accessible toilets are available on the Main Foyer level (in the Courtyard), Heath Ledger Theatre foyer level (closest for Stalls Row E), as well as upper stalls (closest for Stalls Row O) and circle (closest for Circle Row G).

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