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Exposed – Touring Schedule

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Restless Dance Theatre

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With our backs to the wall, we build boundaries and communities to protect our most fragile sides. But what happens when those borders prove unstable?

'Exposed' is an evocative exploration of vulnerability and risk, taking as its central metaphor that most uncontainable of bodily expressions: the breath. Our breathing is a register of threat, calm or panic, and here the sonic possibilities of the breath entwine with a haunting score to accent the movements of seven Restless dancers.

Through movement, design and movement, 'Exposed' will explore the unstable foundations on which we construct our lives, while at the same time hinting at the ways our communities and interpersonal relationships offer lifelines on which we rely. Even strangers can support us in moments of need, just as our own choices can impact the lives of others.

'Exposed' is a brave response to a universal experience, in which traumas and failures mingle with desires and hopes. It teases the line between standing up for yourself, and opening up to another, through a series of visual and aural experiences that will leave their mark on your soul.

Director: Michelle Ryan
Assistant Director: Larissa McGowan
Musical Score: Hilary Kleinig / Emily Tulloch
Lighting and Set Design: Geoff Cobham
Costume Designer: Renate Henschke
Creative Producer: Roz Hervey
Dancers: Jianna Georgiou, Michael Hodyl, Alexis Luke, Madalene Macera, Michael Noble, Darcy Carpenter, Charlie Wilkins, Bhodi Hudson (understudy)

Feature image: 'Exposed' (2022), Photo by Roy Vandervegt.