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Dan Withey: ‘Finite Bounty’ Exhibition

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praxis ARTSPACE excitedly invites you to explore the recent works of prominent local artist Dan Withey at his latest exhibition, 'Finite Bounty'.

Following recent exhibitions at Praxis and at the 'When Beards Collide' duo SALA exhibition in 2022, 'Finite Bounty' demonstrates Withey's creative method, and therefore recent works, taking a drastic turn away from his normally set and structured artistic practice, which produces the eye-pleasing simplistic visual structures we know in his artwork.

It moves instead into a practice filled with spontaneity paired with following Withey's own emotional cues, or even cues from the universe - as Dan says "You don't know whether it's you painting, or that you're channelling something else, that the universe is taking over".

This leads to bold and textured heavy splashes of colour, more fantastical or confronting subject matter, and even a glimmer of passionately tossed glitter.

This career-development and it's resulting creative works are the result of Withey's participation in the Guildhouse Catapult Mentorship Program. Mid-career artist Withey undertook a mentorship with acclaimed contemporary Melbourne-based artist Richard Lewer to refine his practice and develop strategies for a sustainable career.

Lewer's signature narrative and a figurative style, his raw and expressionistic use of paint, and choice to utilise a variety of multi-media are noticeable influences within Withey's most recent works in 'Finite Bounty'.

As Dan himself says, "I think this is some of my best stuff yet".

Born in Birmingham, England, Withey migrated to South Australia in 2004 as a teenager. Following completing his degree in illustration, Withey has worked as an artist where his practice has continued to grow and evolve resulting in exhibitions and features in group exhibitions all around Australia.

Withey, who has dyslexia, also recently participated in the Access2Arts program 'The Exquisite Familiar' in which 11 disabled artists collaboratively created works that were displayed at both AGSA and MOD.

The exhibition runs from the 7th of September to the 7th of October at praxis ARTSPACE in Bowden. The gallery is open for viewings and purchases every week, Wednesday through to Saturday from 11am til 4pm.