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Adelaide Fringe: Visual Art

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Kalyesubula Amos

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4hr to 11 hr


$0 - Free

Event description

Am Kalyesubula Amos, a Ugandan Artist who does and experienced in Visual Art as a charity to develope community youth talents forexample,"paintings, Batiks"and sculpts". I have been doing this since childhood but professionaly being a visual performer this has been 8 years after college. I have performed in different places both in and out of my country but mostly Expo's and Exhbition, I love visual becuase thats the only way i can tell different stories and i conncet with community, I do like" Wild life, acient history, Tradition and cultures " and this makes my work very vividly attractive and very important. I would love to explore the Entire Globe through my Visual Art skills with experienced drawings which tell different storie. I love to draw stories with my pencils and board.

d/Deaf and/or Lived Experience of Disability Events.


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High Visual Content.
Venue is only accessible by steps.
Audience members have the opportunity to interact or join artist on stage.
Suitable for audiences who speak English as a second Language.
Open Captioning - All sessions.

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