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Welcome to snd2 with DJ TR!P

Our first Collude artist is DJ TR!P, is a DJ and composer. DJ TR!P is offering you an opportunity to collaborate with his music.

What is SND2?

Over the coming months we will release different sound kits for users to explore.

The first kit is ELECTRONICA and is proudly supported by Community Bridging Services.

How can I participate in Collude?

Everyone starts with the same tools, idea or theme the guest Collude artist gives.

You complete each Collude project by following the simple but specific instructions.

When you are happy with your art, submit it and your creation gets posted online in the Collude Gallery.

Use the hashtag #A2Acollude and share your Collude art with your friends and the world on social media.

You can participate as many times as you want during each Collude project. The most important thing is that you participate!

The first project, SND2 with DJ TR!P, can be accessed below. Have fun!

What is Collude?

Collude is Access2Arts’ new online project for you to unleash your creativity.

Collude combines the arts with technology to create new and exciting ways of creating art.

Every 3 months we will invite an awesome guest Deaf or disabled artist to set a new Collude project. They will use different art forms, set you creative assignments, creative challenges or ask you to collaborate with them to create online masterpieces!

You get to try new art forms, spark new ideas, share your art and have some fun.

Does Collude sound like something you’d love to be a part of? Because, we’d love you to contribute.

Participate now. What are you waiting for?


DJ Trip Music for Ears - Film Theatre Dance Events


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