Artist Profile Submission

Access2Arts is including an artist profile page on our new website. The reason for doing a profile is to promote yourself as an artist and show your successes!


Emerging Artist

  • In first 5 years of professional practice

Professional artist

  • receives compensation from his or her artistic activities
  • artistic work has been presented to the public
  • receives public recognition from peers, public and/or arts funding bodies


  • You participate in the arts as fun and recreation

Artist Profile Conditions

By choosing to have an Artist Profile on the Access2Arts website, you agree to the following:

  • You confirm that all details are correct and that you own the copyright of all submitted artwork.
  • You confirm that any everyone who features in the images you have uploaded has given their permission for their photograph to be used on the site.
  • You agree to have your name appearing online.
  • Language and disability are also important. To help you think about what you say and support you to use inclusive language, please download our inclusive language guide (PDF 59 KB)
  • You understand that it is your responsibility to keep your profile updated.

Please note: if we feel you have used language that isn’t inclusive or that may offend someone, we may contact you and / or suspend your profile. Access2Arts reserves the right to remove any inappropriate material.

Artist Profile Guidelines


  • Description of how including best size for images etc


  • Make sure you upload a good quality image
  • The best size for Artist Profile images is 370px Wide x 275px High
  • Include the photographer’s name if possible
  • You will be asked to provide an ‘alternative text’ (description) for your image. This is a visual description of the image to give blind people information about what it contains.
    Here’s an example: “photo of musician Jim Conway standing in front of a railway yard, with tracks and traffic lights disappearing off behind him. Jim is looking straight at camera and cupping his hands around his harmonica.”

Application Artist Profile

Please supply the following information


Artists, please note that this information, once submitted, will be available to anyone to access.

By completing this form you will automatically be added to the Access2Arts’ Artorial (monthly newsletter) email list
Please contact Access2Arts if you need support with uploading your profile.