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464 Art Skills Based Workshops

Presented by

Francesco Barresi


About the opportunity

I’m offering this service as a person with mental illness lived experience; a professional/qualified educator and a practicing full time artist/sole-trader. I’m an Aussie born Italian (first generation Australian of Italian ethnicity). This upbringing draws roots to my insights and ability which has been further developed with 2 decades of internationally living and working as a professional teacher and artist in Asian countries. Thus, this enables me to hold deeper understanding towards Aussies of all backgrounds and ethnicities. However, it’s my 3 decades of bouts and insight to mental health conditions that aids insight where art has been the key mechanism for better health and improved lifestyle, both socially and in professional artistic context.

The 464 Art Studio Workshops aim to facilitate an opportunity to use art as tool to change people’s mood and lifestyle outcomes via their ability to create art in a well-lit space.
The added advantage of being surrounded by the air of a practicing/professional artist can truly brighten the day of a participant whose disability can make them feel like a complete a mess.

Thus in keeping with the 464 philosophy where change and desire can be achieved for participants via doing something enjoyable that can also lead to improved health.

Participants can open up an improved perception of their own self-worth, the merits of their talents and how this can change their world with colorful artwork.

Participants can feel like a professional artist, working around art, doing their art, and selling their art.

Participants can sell/exhibit their artwork at professional disability art space venues can be a means to both be inclusive and supportive of disability artists.
Although that supports disabled artist to achieve their professional art practice, I envision that the avenues are also there for venues (either brick n mortar or virtual online) to achieve equally valuable results.

Thus, this can bridge my 464 Art workshops are a means for venues that can enable visual artists with disabilities to make, market and earn income from their art sales.