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‘Exquisite Familiar’ Artist: Josh Maloney

Josh is one of our ‘The Exquisite Familiar’ artists. ‘The Exquisite Familiar’ is an Access2Arts project that sees a group of eleven South Australian disabled artists, both emerging and established, working together through multiple workshops and mediums to create powerful collaborative art. This art is then exhibited at the Art Gallery of South Australia and MOD., placing disabled artists firmly and proudly in prominent institutions.

What was the inspiration for your uncanny creature?

The monster from my imagination and a movie. Its name is Mudkar.

A black and white illustration of spikey-furred creature with two arms and two legs, horns and a tail.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your artistic practice.

I’m Josh. I do colouring and some painting and some sketches and storyboards. I like to draw landscapes, forests and beaches and cities.

How does your disability influence your craft?

I like finishing paintings before starting something new.

Where else do you find inspiration?

I don’t know.

What food, drink, or song inspires you?

Apples and biscuits and chocolate milk. I like disco hits.


You can learn more about Josh and his artistic practices in his Artist Bio here.

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