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A2A Opportunity

We are hiring: Board Members

Are you looking for a way to use your lived experience of disability and/or passion for the arts to drive real and lasting change across the community?

As a Director of Access2Arts you will be uniquely placed to contribute to the strategic direction of an organisation that is achieving outstanding impact in the arts and disability communities.  This valuable opportunity will allow you to translate your passion and experience into real action and change.

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The Exquisite Familiar

In this interactive, immersive, multi-art form installation, a group of disabled artists of varying ages, artistic genres, and skills, bring their ‘Exquisite Corpse’ visions to life. Through utilising the historic Exquisite Corpse-style art, these artists explore and illustrate the barriers associated with disability through the lens of familiars – creatures from folklore who help and protect their owners.

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A background of pink, yellow and purple colours. On top of this is an illustration of a creature with a horse head, human torso and octopus tentacles with text on top saying
When I feel alone or angry or upset, I go to music. Every Saturday I go to Beats to see my close friends... Beats Crew is a home and a place where my heart goes in making music.
Lorcan, Beats Crew member
On a background of white there are multiple green, red, blue, purple and other coloured shapes
Featured Artist

Giorgio Mouzakitis

Giorgio is an emerging figurative artist who incorporates birds, animals and pattern into his highly expressive and graphic style. Mouzakikis’ strong interest in Disney has contributed to the development of his style and technique and his work is increasingly sought after for its bold use of line, colour and expression.

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