Access2Arts run arts initiative programs that are designed to empower though expression. You can participate!

Open Project

young people sitting around tables planning session.

Dates: Tuesday 3 October, 2017 - Monday 31 December, 2018

Are you a learning disabled person? Want to be part of our exciting Beats project? Beats is steered by learning disabled people. You will beatbox, dj, create digital artwork, plan and present your own club night and more! It is all about learning disabled people getting creative, connecting with the...

Open Project

An animated image. Pastel green letters saying "SNDCLSH, a residency" pulse. Next to the letters a taco fitted with knobs and a speaker, reminiscent of a transistor radio, rocks from side to side. The taco-radio is surrounded in a thick pastel green outline.

Dates: Friday 13 July, 2018 - Sunday 22 July, 2018

Access2Arts is calling for Deaf and disabled musicians, sound artists and noise makers to be part of two workshops with Sydney-based musician, arts worker, and all-round superstar, Liz Martin. Liz comes to Adelaide in July to work with disabled artists to demonstrate the opportunities offered by Assistive Music Technology as part...