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Open Project

taking up nearly all the photograph is a long white table on the right side of the image. On the table are iPads and headphones. In the foreground someone has their left arm resting on the table. Then their is a woman wearing a red check shirt open to reveal her black singlet. we don't see her head. further into the background we see a man wearing a brown t-shirt with a yellow logo he is cut off at his chest level

Dates: Saturday 29 October, 2016 - Sunday 31 December, 2017

Are you a learning disabled person? Want to be part of our exciting Beats project? Beats is steered by learning disabled people. You will beatbox, dj, create digital artwork, plan and present your own club night and more! It is all about learning dis...

Open Project

Drawing of a Superhero flying through the air on a yellow background

Dates: Monday 5 January, 2015 - Sunday 31 December, 2017

With a history of experiencing systemic disadvantage, many people with disability haven’t had aspirations beyond the desire to live an ordinary life. With the role out of the NDIS, it is time to start thinking about a new future. Reasonable and Nec...