Easy Read – Our Thinking

ot1We think a lot.

We think about disability.


We make a difference between impairment and disability.

Impairment means a medical condition, illness or injury that effects the way our body or mind works.

Disability: means that people with an impairment miss out on opportunities because of barriers society has made.

ot3Barrier means a problem that stops access.

We use the word disability to mean barriers created by society.

Barriers = Disability

ot4Everyone in society have to work together to break down the barriers.

This is called the Social Model of Disability.

Access2Arts uses the Social Model of Disability.

ot5We don’t want to get confused about the body (impairment) and the social (disabled).

So we don’t get confused we use the words disabled people and non-disabled people.

We think about Rights

Everyone has human rights. They are based on dignity, equality and respect.

Your rights are about being treated fairly. Treating other people fairly and making choices about your own life.

Everyone’s rights are equal.

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It does not matter if you are young or old, a women or a man, black or white, disabled or non-disabled. The law says we all have the same rights.

UN Convention on Disability Rights

ot7The Australian Government has signed up to the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disability.

ot6This Convention trys to make sure that all Deaf and disabled people around the world have the same rights as non-disabled people and are treated equally.

Disability is a normal part of life so Deaf and disabled people should be given their human rights.

On Our Thinking website page you can watch two videos about the UN Convention on Disability Rights

What we think about Equality and Diversity

Equality is based on your human right to participate in your own community.

ot8Diversity means difference

ot9Everyone is individual and different.

What we think about creativity

ot10Creativity lets people express themselves.

What we think about the arts

ot11Disability is part being human. Disabled people have different stories to tell. Different stories make the arts interesting and better.ot12