Posted: Wednesday 15 September, 2021

Be a part of our new vision

  The past 18 months has brought us many challenges as a community and sector. The Arts was the first to be hit with long term uncertainty when everything came to a halt and we are still rebuilding. While we have learnt to adapt and continue to be creative we...

Posted: Wednesday 3 February, 2021

Book Release: Growing Up Disabled in Australia

A paperback copy of 'Growing up Disabled in Australia' sits on a painted background.

A rich collection of writing from those negotiating disability in their lives – a group whose voices are not heard often enough One in five Australians has a disability. And disability presents itself in many ways. Yet disabled people are still underrepresented in the media and in literature. In Growing Up...

Posted: Wednesday 9 September, 2020

A flamboyant response to social-distancing!

Four pink crocheted flamingos appear againt a blue and green background suggesting a waterhole.

flamboyance (/flamˈbɔɪəns/) noun: the tendency to attract attention because of one's exuberance, confidence, and stylishness. the quality of being bright, colourful, and very noticeable. a group of flamingos. The COVID19 crisis has shaken many in our communities, particularly its Deaf and disabled members. People are feeling alone but fearful of...

Posted: Friday 4 September, 2020

Program Launch: Mental Health Week 2020!

In an orange circle, ‘Mental Health Week’ is written in white block text. Below this circle is the Mental Health Week date – 10-17 October 2020. To the right, a smaller blue circle reads ‘every person, every community.’ To the right these circles in an image of a person smiling and interacting with a dog. They hold the dog’s paw in their hands.

Our friends at the Mental Health Coalition of South Australia (MHCSA) have launched their program for Mental Health Week 2020! This year, Mental Health Week will be taking place from October 10 to 17 2020.  Some of the events taking place this Mental Health week include: Artists In Conversation: Live...