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The Beats Crew EP release!

Last year, Access2Arts challenged our Beats Crew to push themselves using the skills they have learnt from the Beats Workshops, funded by the City of Unley. 

What resulted was an EP of 9 tracks under the guidance of their tutors MC ME and DJ Tr!p.

We are very excited to bring you the inaugural The Beats Crew EP!

The EP is available now to stream and purchase!

Have a listen at:


Apple Music


Google Play Music


Amazon Music


Audio Description Launches on Australian Free to Air Television!

In news very welcomed by Access2Arts, audio description has made it’s way to Australian free to air television!

Audio described programming launched on the ABC and SBS on June 28, 2020, enabling Australia’s blind and vision-impaired communities to enjoy 14 hours of audio described content each week.

Audio description provides audio commentary on a program’s actions and visual elements. Delivered in gaps between the natural dialogue, audio description helps to provide an understanding of what is taking place on screen.

Of the news, Jody Holdback, Access2Arts’ Access Services Coordinator, says “I am thrilled that both the ABC and SBS are responding to the requests of their blind and vision-impaired audiences, increasing accessibility to the cultural, recreational and social experiences they offer.”

Accessing audio description on the ABC and SBS

Similar to accessing captions on your TV, audio description can be enabled by changing the settings on your TV or set-top box. The ABC and SBS have shared information about how to access audio description on their channel, as well as the schedule of audio described programming.



Help shape audio described content on the ABC and SBS

The ABC and SBS would like to learn more about your TV viewing habits and preferences so they can change their services to best suit your needs.

If you have a few minutes to spare, please consider filling out the following online survey. Sharing your thoughts can help inform the future of audio description on the ABC and SBS.

Complete the online survey here

Art Gallery of South Australia launches an Accessible Guide

The Art Gallery of South Australia (AGSA) has launched an Accessible
Guide, developed for Deaf, hard of hearing, blind and vision-impaired audiences. The Accessible  Guide gives these audiences the opportunity to watch Auslan videos, read transcripts and listen to Audio Descriptions of works of art.

The Guide has commentaries on thirteen pieces of art on display in the Elder Wing of Australian Art which showcases the work of some of Australia’s finest artists from 19th Century.

Designed for in-gallery use, the Accessible Audio Guide is also available in its entirety through AGSA’s website, as part of the gallery’s initiative to enable access to works of art from home, for all audiences. It has been developed for computer and handheld devices anywhere to ensure that anyone, including families and friends who may have different needs, can have an enjoyable social experience together.

Karina Morgan – Education Support Officer and Auslan interpreter at AGSA, tells us more about AGSA’s Accessible Guide.

Could you tell us a bit about AGSA’s Accessible Guide?

The Accessible Guide provides another way for our diverse audiences to be able to engage with AGSA’s collection using their own smartphones, tablets or desktop computers straight from our website, without having to download any apps.

A selection of works of art from our Australian collection is presented in three tours – self-guided audio, audio description and Auslan videos. Transcripts accompany the audio, and closed captioning for the videos.
Currently, audiences are able to engage with the Accessible Guide remotely – from the comfort of their own homes – and when the building re-opens in June, audiences onsite will also be able to use this guide in front of the physical works of art.


Why did the AGSA to create the Accessible Guide?

Over the past three years in particular, AGSA has been steadily increasing our Deaf, hard of hearing, blind and vision impaired audiences so that the artistic, historical and cultural experiences are friendly to all visitors.

We acknowledged that for these audiences rich information is often not accessible at cultural institutions, particularly in South Australia. In fact, feedback we received was that many people from these communities feel so unused to having their needs met that they have felt disengaged until regular programming was put in place.

The Accessible Guide also connects to our Reconciliation Action Plan which aims to promote understanding and respect through the power of art and provide more opportunities for the community to learn about the diversity of First Peoples art and cultures. AGSA is proud to be the first state gallery in the country to prepare a RAP – one which includes Auslan actions.


What is the AGSA hoping to achieve by developing the Accessible Guide?

AGSA designed the Accessible Guide with all users in mind so that it is enriching and satisfying for all. We are not just building for accessibility; we wish to create a social experience so that a range of diverse families and friends can enjoy the Gallery together – not just at programmed times but at any time they are able to visit.

We hope this also encourages remote users to learn about our collections with the aim of visiting in person, perhaps attending one of our regular Access Programs.

For those who are unable to visit us in person, we hope this provides a pathway to connecting in a meaningful way with our wonderful collection.


What makes you the most excited about launching the Accessible Guide?

An important part of this project was the community consultations. We wanted to ensure that we put users at the forefront. We didn’t want to just build an experience for these communities, but with them as well, allowing findings from these sessions to guide us in our next step, taking on board any feedback.

The Auslan video presenters came from the South Australian Deaf community, including a young emerging artist, William Maggs who was awarded the main SALA award for his self-portraiture in AGSA’s student drawing exhibition in 2019.

I feel that together we have created an Accessible Guide that everyone can feel proud of and I am excited about increasing engagement with diverse communities, and to expand the Accessible Guide in the coming years ahead.

I would love to turn around the initial comments about some sections of our audiences feeling like their access requirements are not met and that we see more engaged people like emerging artist, William Maggs, connecting with us and our collections.


How do you feel the Access Guide will assist Deaf and disabled arts audiences to connect with art pieces at AGSA?

The Accessible Guide allows our audience to choose their preferred method of communication – whether this is in English or Auslan, and also provides blind and vision impaired users an option to receive more information through an audio description. We hope to be able to increase access by adding an easy read/listen guide option for audiences who may have intellectual or cognitive disabilities, or for those who identify as being neuro-diverse. Ultimately this would also be useful for English as a Second Language (ESL) users as well.


What other access services does AGSA provide to Deaf and disabled arts audiences?

I am a certified NAATI interpreter and I interpret the weekly Tuesday lunchtime talks, and provide Auslan interpreted collection/exhibition tours one weekend tour every month. This audience has been continuously growing with between 5- 20 Deaf audience members participating every month. Special additional Auslan interpreted talks are also held during large exhibitions. Auslan tours will also be imbedded into other Gallery programming areas such as the Start program (for Families and Children), and Neo (for teenagers). The 2019 Tarnanthi Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art had for the first time two Deaf Aboriginal Guides leading the Auslan tours.

Another staff member, Ryan Sims who also works in AGSA Education, has undertaken Audio Description training and has developed and maintained connections with the South Australian School for the Vision Impaired (SASVI), as well as implementing a program of regular Audio described and Tactile tours.

Other Access programs we have initiated, include our Art and Dementia program run by our dedicated Gallery Guides. AGSA has also offered training to the National Gallery of Australia in 2019.  We also currently have partnerships with selected residential care facilities and anticipate building upon this program to include more members of our community.

To visit AGSA’s Accessible Guide, please click here.

Art in a time of COVID-19… (Social Distancing friendly ways to keep the arts in your life)

Access2Arts wants Deaf and disabled artists and arts-audiences to live their best creative lives! This is no different in the midst of COVID-19.

The A2A team have gathered a list of Social Distancing friendly ways to keep you participating and engaged in the arts whilst we live life a little differently over the next little while. This is but a drop in the ocean so if you find other solutions to keep boredom at bay, let us know so we can share your discoveries.

Are you on a budget? A2A’s got you covered! All of the following can be enjoyed for free…

But first, let’s chat about social distancing…

Social Distancing has become the word on everyone’s lips right now.

Social distancing includes ways to stop or slow the spread of infectious diseases. It means less contact between you and other people.

You can practice social distancing by:

  • Keeping a distance between you and other people — right now it is recommended to be 1.5 metres (or about 6-feet)
  • Practice good hand and sneeze/cough hygiene
  • Avoiding public transportation, if you can
  • If you don’t need to travel, Don’t – That might disrupt travel to work or social gatherings but it will keep everyone safer.
  • Staying away from public gatherings. Now is not the time to go to a crowded party!

You can learn more about social distancing from the Australian Government here.

‘Art-flix and Chill’:

The Angus Project: Angus glides down an alleyway in his wheelchair whilst Nina runs after him

Looking for a new film to watch or show to binge? Celebrate on-screen disability representation by enjoying the following works featuring disabled people, actors, directors and creatives.

The Angus Project – Comedy (ABC iview):
Angus, an aspiring sports journalist with cerebral palsy, employs his hopeless best friend Nina, a failing uni student, to be his carer. Together they go on wild adventures and get up to no good in the rural town of Bathurst.

The Heights – Drama (ABC iview):
A slice of life from Arcadia Heights; the critically acclaimed drama dives deeper into the lives of the families of Arcadia Heights and its surrounds, as they take on what life has to throw at them.
Closed Captioning available.

Love On The Spectrum – Documentary (ABC iview):
Seven singles take their first steps into the world of dating. This four-part documentary follows young adults on the autism spectrum as they explore the unpredictable world of love and relationships.
Closed Captioning available.

The Loop – Short film (SBS On Demand):
The Loop is an absurd journey into disability, authorship and representation. First-time television director Lorcan Hopper twists the world of soap operas to share his experience of disability. But with a documentary team filming Lorcan’s every move, can the cast and crew match the intensity and professionalism he demands?
Closed Captioning available.

Limited Surrender – Short film (SBS On Demand):
Limited Surrender is a testament to the power of creativity. Artist Kirsty Martinsen addresses how her creative energy and force have kept going despite confronting an ever deteriorating body from Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Reflecting on her diagnosis and artistic journey, her story unfolds at the same time as the creation of a bold new artwork.
Closed Captioning available.

Deafinition – Short film (SBS On Demand):
With honesty, humour and heart, Deafinition presents the first-hand narrative of Paul and his experiences being deaf. From the physical day-to-day, social interactions, the intricacies of communication and language, the frustrations and challenges we see it all unfold through the inner world of Paul.
Closed Captioning available.

Music and Poetry:

Georgia smiles at the camera wearing a baby pink fuzzy jacket

Georgia Horgan’s Music:
Fresh from her debut at the Adelaide Fringe, listen to music from local, singer, songwriter and entertainer, Georgia Horgan. Want to get to know Georgia a little better? View her Access2Arts artist profile here.

#TogetherAtHome Virtual Concerts:
A virtual concert series organised by Global Citizen and World Health Organization in order to promote physical social distancing.
Listen to the concerts via the Global Citizen website or the YouTube Playlist here.

The Sisters of Invention:
An extraordinary, all-original learning disabled girl band.
Check out their music on YouTube and Spotify.

Radio Tutti
A 24/7 radio broadcast curated by Tutti Arts’ own group of dedicated presenters. It features interviews with artists and performers, discussions of current events, playlists to get you through your day, experimental performances, and Tutti’s back catalogue of albums and recorded concerts.

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra – Concert Broadcast:
The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO) invite you to be part of their new online concert series where they will broadcast performances from the MSO archives. #KeepTheMusicGoing and experience the magic of music from the comfort of your home.

Alison Paradoxx’s Poetry:
Listen to poetry from Performance Poet, Multimedia Artist, Writer and friend of Access2Arts, Alison Paradoxx.

Tour world-renowned museums without even getting off the couch… 

Go on a virtual tour of the Musée d’Orsay in Paris, the British Museum in London, the MoMA in New York,  wonder the courtyards of Barcelona’s Picasso Museum or head to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. There’s so much more to explore on Google Arts and Culture.

Been through a breakup? Head to the Museum of Broken Relationships. See why a watch is so impactful and contribute to the collection yourself. You can share your break-up story, image or location, time-lock your memory in the vault or send your items to the museum while recovering.

Grab the best seat in the theatre!

The interior of a theatre. One person sits in a row of plush red seats

Actors Fund’s #StarsInTheHouse:
The Actors Fund is hosting miniature Broadway performances everyday, featuring a range of famous faces.
Closed Captioning available.

National Theatre at Home:
Enjoy world-class theatre all the way from London for free online. Head to the National Theatre’s YouTube Channel for a new performance each Thursday at 7pm UK time  (that’s 5:30am on Fridays here in Adelaide). No need to get up early though! Performances can be streamed for free for a week. See what’s on the line up here.

Audio Description:

An aerial shot of London

Head on an Audio Described tour of London:
Over in the UK, VocalEyes created ‘London Beyond Sight’. These are Audio described introductions to 40 London landmarks, written and narrated by prominent Londoners with VocalEyes describers. There’s more Audio Described content to explore on the VocalEyes website here.

Colour your world!

Horizontal stripes of many different colours

Print and download a variety of colouring sheets from Together Gallery. Embrace your inner unicorn by downloading this colouring sheet donated by artist Emma Jayne Designs.

Learn Something New:

A white thought bubble sits over a hot pink background

Head to the Open Culture website to use your time whilst social distancing to learn everything you’ve always wanted to… There’s free online courses, audio books, eBooks, movies, coloring books & more.

Looking to expand your arts knowledge? Click here for a list of 10 University Arts Courses you can take for free.

Listen to an extensive range of podcasts from the Sydney Opera House.

Enjoy immersing yourself in the magic of the arts! Have you stumbled across a wonderful arts find that’s social distancing friendly? We would love if you shared it with us. Flick us an email, or send us a message on our Facebook or Instagram.

Stay safe and look after yourself and others in this unique time. To view up-to-date and reliable information about COVID-19, please visit the Australian Government Department of Health website.

Audio Description at Home

The Access2Arts team has gathered a variety of  Audio Described work from across the globe for you to enjoy online. This is a Social Distancing friendly way to keep you immersed in the magic of the arts whilst we live life a little differently over the next little while.

Enjoy Audio Described film or head on an Audio Described tour of famous landmarks, galleries and artworks without paying a cent or getting up from your couch!


The Art Gallery of South Australia: Elder Wing of Australian Art
A part of The Art Gallery of South Australia’s Accessible Guide, listen to an Audio Described Tour of the Elder Wing of Australian Art which showcases the work of some of Australia’s finest artists from 19th Century.
Audio Describer: Ryan Sims – Educational Support Officer at the Art Gallery of South Australia

Fit For Purpose Audio Description – Podcast
An Audio Described tour of the Fit For Purpose exhibition that was on display at UTS Gallery in New South Wales.
Audio Describer: Imogen Yang

United Kingdom

A tour of London
These are Audio described introductions to 40 London landmarks, written and narrated by prominent Londoners with VocalEyes describers.
Audio Describer: VocalEyes

Illuminated River
Illuminated River is a major new public art commission, lighting up to 15 bridges across the River Thames. Hear evocative descriptions for each bridge, enhanced with musical extracts from compositions by Guildhall School of Music and Drama.
Audio Describer: VocalEyes

Self Portrait as Saint Catherine of Alexandria
Artemisia Gentileschi’s powerful Self Portrait as Saint Catherine of Alexandria provides a window not only into the art scene in which she lived, but also her own life and struggles.
Audio Describer: VocalEyes

Shakespeare’s Birthplace Trust
Delve into a world of drama with this library of 30 descriptions of historical treasures at Shakespeare’s Birthplace Trust, Stratford-upon-Avon.
Audio Describer: VocalEyes

Being Human Gallery
Being Human is a permanent gallery at the Wellcome Collection in London that explores trust, identity and health in a changing world. Audio Descriptions of every exhibit have been recorded, as  well as a highlights tour of 11 stops with optional directions in between.
Audio Describer: VocalEyes

Peut-Être Theatre – The Dark
‘The Dark’ is a universal and empowering story about facing one’s fears. The story follows a brave young boy on his journey to meet the darkness in his basement, and watches as he eventually learns to befriend it.
Audio Describer: Louise Fryer

The National Theatre – What is an Audio Described Performance?
Learn more about what happens during a sensory tour and Audio Described performance.
Audio Describer: Andrew Holland from National Theatre

A commission by the University of Wolverhampton, in collaboration with Dr Louise Fryer of University College London and BBC Radio 3. The project aims to demonstrate how an existing practice, audio description, developed to increase access for the blind and partially-sighted, can also function as part of a creative process for all audiences.
Audio Describer: Louise Fryer


Out of Sight – Animation
An audio described version of Out of Sight, an animation by Ya-Ting Yu, Ya-Hsuan Yeh, and Ling Chung, three students at the National Taiwan University of the Arts.
Audio Describer: Mirabai Knight.


The Color of Paradise (excerpt)
An Audio Described excerpt  from Majid Majidi’s 1999 film ‘The Color of Paradise’. The film tells the story of a boy whose inability to see the world only enhances his ability to feel its powerful forces.
Audio Describer: Joel Snyder

How did you find your Audio Described tour? Have you stumbled across an Audio Described finding that can be enjoyed at home? We would love if you shared it with us. Flick us an email, or send us a message on our Facebook or Instagram.

If you’re more of a music fan, you may be interested in Woodville Town Hall’s Foyer Fridays. Enjoy a live-stream of musical performances from local Adelaide musicians.

While you’re here, why not start planning your arts calendar for later in the year? Head over to the events section of our website to browse State Theatre Company’s upcoming Audio Described performances, scheduled for later this year.