Lillee Wakefield

Artist Lillee Wakefield smiles at the camera, she wears a cardboard outfit and crown on her head. Her arms are outstretched

Lillee Wakefield is a mixed media artist focusing on areas within printmaking and sculptural installation. She has always had an interest in art and often found it was the best way to express herself and her disabilities. She has an intellectual labelled ‘Global Learning and Developmental Delays’, which includes a low IQ. In this light Wakefield believes that her disability is more of an ability as it causes her way of thinking and processing information to be largely different to others. Wakefield enjoys finding ways to intertwine all aspects of her life into her art making, including personal and social.

Wakefield is currently studying a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts at the University of South Australia and is planning on continuing into a Master of Teaching once she has graduated. She has an upcoming exhibit of her third-year graduate work in December at the University of South Australia.

Wakefield’s most recent work includes

  • Body of work titled Prompted Imagination
  • Pass It On

Read Wakefield’s written work For-Spring-Preview.

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