Gaele Sobott

A photograph of Gaele Sobott, a blond haired woman wearing dark-rimmed glasses in modern style.


Gaele Sobott is an independent producer and curator with national and international experience in multi-art forms. Through her cultural leadership Gaele has achieved significant standing in the Deaf and disabled arts sector. She is a writer who has published a range of acclaimed works including Colour Me Blue and the biography, My Longest Round: the Life Story of Wally Carr. She was artist in residence at Google Australia, and was commissioned to write Zaphora and Ali for Urban Theatre Projects’ Home Country, Sydney Festival 2017. She participated in the Australia Council’s inaugural Sync Leadership Program in 2014 and is director of Outlandish Arts.

Gaele is both the lead artist and a contributing writer for Access2Arts’ online project Collude – Embody and joins us to lead Writing Me a   professional development program for disabled writers.

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