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Creative Writing Class

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No Strings


About the opportunity


The famous French writer Voltaire wrote that: “Writing is the painting of the voice”.

At No Strings, one of our key objectives is to encourage, guide and support the variety of creative voices within our group. Each of our participants has a distinctive artistic voice within them. Our task, as theatre practitioners, is to draw those voices out.

In the Creative Writing Workshop, participants are given a range of writing exercises to flex their creative muscles on – acrostic poetry, essay writing on a one, two or three word theme, story construction using random five or seven word elements, personal works of reflection, story building in specific styles (for example: gothic/horror, sci-fi, surrealism, suspense).

Our aim with the Creative Writing workshop in 2023 is to compile writings from throughout the terms into a book for publication by a recognised national publisher. The initial outline envisaged for this book is that it will be tripartite; a poetry section, a prose section and a theatrical section. The book’s current working title is: Other Voices.

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Every Monday 10am – 12pm ongoing weekly following the South Australia school year.